As your Councillor I am committed to the safety of the Williamsville community and the City as a whole. Some of the ways I will fight for the safety of our community include;

  • Supporting the hiring of additional police and bylaw officers
  • Supporting proactive, community oriented policing
  • Supporting a move toward proactive bylaw enforcement
  • Supporting Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
  • Opposing random street checks, or “carding” without probable cause as this is a violation of our Charter rights. 

I believe in getting back to a community oriented, proactive model of policing. More officers on the streets, visible and interacting with the community will help reduce all types of crime, in addition to addressing traffic concerns. I would like to see more officers on foot, bike, and mounted patrol in the downtown area, around schools, on the K&P trail and in parks. When officers are out in the community, it also builds trust between the community and the police department.

In addition to increasing the number of police officers on the streets, we also need a greater number of bylaw officers to ensure that complaints are followed up on in a timely manner. A proactive approach should be taken to address property standards and public nuisance issues.

Everyone should be able to enjoy our parks, trails, and recreational facilities without having to worry about safety. Some of our parks are in need of updates in this area, from better lighting to landscaping alterations that improve visibility from the street.

I am a supporter of the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, where features of the built environment can reduce crime and the fear of crime. This includes things like designing public spaces with good visibility from the street, adequate lighting at night, natural access control such as low fences, walls, and shrubs, providing amenities that generate traffic and use, and providing timely maintenance and upkeep.