We’re extremely fortunate here in the Williamsville District to have an abundance of high quality parkland. There’s always room to improve, however, and these are some of my priorities relating to parks and recreation in Williamsville, and the City as a whole:

  • Ensuring parks are maintained to the highest possible standard
  • Closing Napier Street and extending Churchill Park
  • Constructing a year-round outdoor rink
  • Establishing a youth sports program
  • Completing the Memorial Centre revitalization
  • Improving safety in our parks and on our trails

All parks in the City must be maintained to the highest possible standard, including landscaping, routine pickup of litter and cleaning around perimeter fencing. Sports fields, courts, and rinks including nets and painted lines must be maintained so that they can be enjoyed by the community.

A  year round outdoor hockey rink should be established in a central location, with an asphalt base and permanent boards. This can be flooded in the winter for ice hockey, and the asphalt base used for ball hockey in the summer. Possible locations could be Compton Park or Third Avenue Park.

A low cost youth sports program should be established to give all youth in our community the opportunity to participate in sports and recreational activities. The benefits of getting youth involved in sports are numerous; from promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing obesity to building teamwork and a sense of community to a reduction in youth crime.

I would like to investigate the possibility of reopening Belle Park Fairways and finding ways to mitigate the environmental impact of leachate from the former landfill site.

While we’ve made a lot of progress revitalizing the Memorial Centre grounds, there is still more work to be done. The grandstand and barns in particular are still in need of major repairs. I will fight to get the rest of the repairs to the Memorial Centre completed, including a complete refurbishment of the grandstand and barns. The Memorial Centre is an important community hub and a living memorial to our veterans and should be maintained to the highest possible standard. I will also fight to have additional lighting installed in the grandstand to help deter illegal activity. Everyone should be able to enjoy our parks, trails, and recreational facilities without having to worry about safety.

This needs to be fixed!