Some of the things I would like to see done to help build a stronger community include;

  • Opposing the closure of neighbourhood schools
  • Expansion of the Sunnyside Community Garden, and the establishment of other community gardens throughout the City
  • Building more community spaces in our parks
  • Establishing a youth sports program
  • Neighbourhood Watch

I am opposed to the closure of neighbourhood schools and the construction of “mega” schools where students are bussed in from different parts of the City. Neighbourhood schools build strong communities, increase parental involvement in their children’s education, and academic achievement is higher overall compared to mega schools. Smaller, neighbourhood schools are also less reliant on (expensive) school busses, and instead promote the use of active transportation such as walking or cycling to school.

Expand the Sunnyside Community Garden – integrate with an expanded Churchill Park. I am in full support of community gardening programs and if the demand is there I will support the establishment of gardens anywhere in the City.

Build community spaces in Compton Park and Elder Park with benches, picnic tables, and barbeques to bring friends, family, and neighbours together.

A low cost youth sports program should be established to give all youth in our community the opportunity to participate in sports and recreational activities. The benefits of getting youth involved in sports are numerous; from promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing obesity to building teamwork and a sense of community to a reduction in youth crime.

Support the creation of a Neighbourhood Watch program