Napier Street closure & Churchill Park extension – Update

Since it was announced that the possibility of closing Napier Street between Brock and Mack, and extending Churchill Park was on the table I had been in full support of the idea. Any new green space would be a welcome addition to the Williamsville community, and our parks really help bring our community together.

Over the past number of weeks I’ve spoken with many residents in the area, and the possibility of Napier Street being closed was concerning to many. As your City Councillor, my job is to listen to you and bring forth your concerns in City Hall. Given the feedback I’ve received from local residents, I can no longer throw my full support behind this initiative and I would like to look at alternatives to closing Napier Street, and possibly alternative uses for the remainder of the former school site, even if it is simply retained as a park. That being said, I will not support a high rise apartment building being constructed on the site. If anything is to be constructed on the vacant portion of the property it must fit in with the surrounding neighbourhood.

While revisiting the future of the former school site, I will, however fight to ensure that the property is maintained to the same high standard as the neighbouring Churchill Park. The property is currently in a poor state of repair and I would like to see it maintained so that it can be used by the community and doesn’t become a neighbourhood eyesore.

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